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Basilfrost - Windclan Med Cat - TBT by Nashi-Hime
Basilfrost - Windclan Med Cat - TBT
New App Updates - 0
Application art by the wonderful Vialir




Basil: The tom's mother named him Basil due to the clump of basil that grew next to the place where she gave birth.
frost: He was given the suffix 'frost' due to his icy eyes and cool personality.

Basil, Bee
~Open for others~

19 Moons
(July 31 2014)


Medicine Cat

Previous mentor: Talontwist, Spiderblaze
Past Apprentices: N/A
Current Apprentices: Geckopaw



Book Description
A tan tom with white paws, dark brown marks on his face and tail and bright blue eyes.

Detailed Description
Basilfrost is a wiry tom with larger than normal ears. His pelt is tan on his body with dark brown points on his face, ears, forepaws, and tail. His paws are large, round, and white. Typically, he wears a basil "bracelet" on his left paw. His eyes are a frost blue that light up with different shades. His fur is soft at his belly, but rough and spiky at his cheeks. His tail is also rather spiky, but his paws are soft and furry. He is of average height, though he is a little skinner than most males his age. He has a tear at the top of his right ear.

He is a moggie with mixed background.
He has some Burmese, British Shorthair, and other breeds in him.

Basilfrost often smells like mint or other herbs since he spends most of his time in the medicine cat den surrounded by plants.



Speed: 5/10
Since he is a Windclan cat, with Windclan heritage, he is a fast cat. However, compared to his clanmates, he is slower than most. He is a little bit faster than cats from other clans though.

Strength: 3/10
Basilfrost is a bit of a wimp. He is skinny and does not have a lot of muscle mass. This equates to a lack of fighting strength. However he tries to make up for it with his attack and tactics.

Attack: 7/10
Even though he is not very strong, his attack style and direct approach and is often useful. His defense is not that great, since he is a skinny little guy, but he uses his small size to his advantage. He will swarm over and under a larger cat to confuse him/her. Then he will attack when the cat is confused and vulnerable.

Tactics: 8/10
Basilfrost has a brilliant mind when it comes to fighting. He doesn't fight often, but if forced to he will come up with mad-genius plans to overwhelm the enemy.

Endurance: 4/10
Basil better hope he defeats his enemies quickly, because he tires out easily.

Religiosity: 8/10
Being a medicine cat, Basilfrost believes in his Starclan ancestors. He often talks to them, even if they don't always talk back. He worries greatly about the future of the clans and he hopes somehow to help appease Starclan's wrath.


:bulletgreen: Calm, Cool, Collected :bulletgreen:
"Don't worry, I've got this all under control. I won't let you die."
Basilfrost keeps his cool under pressure. He gets this trait from his father; it takes a lot to make either of them angry. During a crisis or an emergency, this tom will focus intently to help without causing chaos. He likes to show a gentle confidence to all cats he treats. He hopes it will calm them down if he remains calm. Though sometimes his inner thoughts race, he tries to never show them on his face. This can lead to a blunt, blank default face for the tom.

:bulletred: Persnickety :bulletred:
overparticular; fussy
Basilfrost likes things neat and in their right place. If a cat scatters his herbs or moves something without him knowing, he will have a small panic episode. Usually, the only time he really yells at a cat is if they move something of his; he will let them know he is displeased! He also hates when he runs low on his herbs, especially basil. It makes him a grumpy kitty. He is borderline OCD and will go on cleaning sprees in his den after a cat comes in with an injury.

:bulletwhite: Introverted :bulletwhite:
tendency to be preoccupied with their own thoughts and feelings and minimize their contact with other people
This tom prefers to think, be alone, and talk to one or two cats instead of a crowd. When he is in a crowd, he is more likely to watch then talk and he likes to be at the edge of crowds, so he can slip away if he needs to. Because he is very busy with medicinal work, he doesn't like the idea of a mate. He feels like it would just distract him. Although this could change, it would take a very special cat to make it through his tough shell. This can make him come across as noncommittal.

:bulletred: Bossy :bulletred:
"Didn't I tell you not to lick that paste off? Here just put this leaf on it now."
Without meaning to, Basil can get a bit bossy. He has been known to be demanding with his patients and expects cats to listen to his advice when it comes to healing. If they don't he will scold them. It is truly out of caring though; he just wants his clanmates to heal and get stronger. He can also be a bit prideful, and he doesn't like to admit when he is wrong. He will try to brush off his mistakes and pretend that they didn't happen.

:bulletgreen: Compassionate :bulletgreen:
"I love every cat in my clan. They are all my family and I will always do my best to heal them.
One of Basilfrost's best qualities is his great concern for the health and happiness of his clan. He loves every cat and wants them to be strong and he does his best to protect them. One of his best memories is helping a she-cat give birth for the first time. It touched him in a way he could never explain; bringing life into the world changed him.

:bulletgreen: Inquisitive :bulletgreen:
"You really use that herb for scratches? You must tell me more about it!"
Basilfrost was meant to be a medicine cat. He loves learning about new techniques and likes to talk to the medicine cats from the other clans often to learn how they treat different problems. He is secretly interested in some of the rumors that two-legs have medicines for cats.



Meant to be
Cats always said they'd end up together. Foxflower started life as a kit in Windclan only a moon before her future mate, Moorsong. Foxkit was a sandy she-cat with dark flecks of black patterned on her blue-eyed face while Moorkit was a small, almost delicate tom with a peppered pelt of white and black with dark amber eyes. When apprenticed, the two were inseparable and the clan was used to seeing them together. Wherever Foxpaw went, Moorpaw was never far behind. They got into all sorts of mischief, and they seemed to live a perfect life.

When the two apprentices passed their warrior assessments, the whole clan watched their ceremonies with content pride. Two more fast warriors for Windclan were just what was needed to help with growing problems and Starclan's unrest. And when Foxflower approached Moorsong one day to ask to be mates, it shouldn't have been a surprise to him.

But it was.

Moorsong, as much as he loved Foxflower, didn't like she-cats as much as he liked toms. He told his best friend as much and she took it hard. Foxflower left camp in an emotional tirade, running as fast as she could over the flat territory she called home. She only stopped when the sobbing was so powerful that she was afraid she would break apart from the pain. Windclan waited for a while, but eventually they sent out a search party to find their missing warrior. But Moorsong was the one who found her. She had run all the way to their secret place, the small meadow scattered with catmint and other beautiful flowers. That's where Moorsong made a sacrifice. He gave his best friend what she wanted. He became her mate for one night.

Foxflower knew she was pregnant quickly. She could feel the little movements inside of her stomach. Her emotions were jumbled and she constantly worried. The spunky she-cat tried to hide it as long as she could, but the medicine cat knew and soon word traveled around camp. It reached Moorsong and the panic spread to his face instantly. He confronted Foxflower the night after he found out.

"Why didn't you tell me!" Moorsong snapped at his former best friend, with the hurt clear in his dark amber eyes.

"I didn't want you to ...know." Foxflower knew it wasn't a good excuse. In fact, it was a terrible excuse, but she couldn't explain what she was actually feeling. She wanted to have Moorsong's kits. But she wanted it to be the Moorsong from her past, not the cat she had come to know now. She didn't want to be pregnant with kits; she didn't want the life growing inside of her.

But life finds a way, and one night while on a solo hunt, Foxflower felt the searing pain rip through her. She curled up in a shallow dip in the moor and yelled for help. Her vision swam with pain and she didn't recognize the two cats who found her. then she lost consciousness. They must have helped her though, because when she opened her eyes, there were two small bundles nursing from her stomach. A mix of love and distaste filled her heart at the sight. One looked just like her, with a tiny tan body and the start of dark brown points. But the other looked like a mixture of her and Moorsong. The she-cat was tan, black, and white with tiny white paws. Foxflower knew she must name her new life, so she thought hard and leaned down to touch the kits. She said to the she-cat, "You will be Amberkit." And to the tom, she said "And you will be Basilkit." In the back of her mind, she tried to convince herself that she hadn't named the she-cat after Moorsong's eyes.

After naming the kits she pushed them away slightly and rose to her unsteady feet. She happened to look up and saw Moorsong standing over the dip where she had given birth. He stared at her with intense eyes full of so many emotions. The tom reached down and picked up his son and began to walk back to Windclan.

A Change in Tides
Basilkit and Amberkit grew up in Windclan like any other kits. They never understood why their mother and father loved them, but never really talked to each other. Both cats were apprenticed at six moons, and started to train as warriors. Then, one day Basilpaw tripped and got a scrape on his shoulder that needed the medicine cat's attention. Windclan had a new medicine cat, since Nightraven passed to Starclan. The new medicine cat was a young she-cat named Spiderblaze. Basilpaw was fascinated by the herbs and knowledge that Spiderblaze possessed. After healing, he started to spend more time around Spiderblaze, going as far as skirting his apprentice duties. It was clear where his heart was, and even Coalstar noticed.

It was announced that Basilpaw would become the new medicine cat apprentice and the tom couldn't have been more excited to begin. He learned so much information so quickly, that he wondered how he would ever remember it all. This is when he fashioned his first basil "bracelet" for his arm. He was proud of his name and loved the minty scent of the herb.

The most interesting moment after becoming a medicine cat apprentice happened when one of Basilpaw's clanmates made a comment about his father's sexuality. Basilpaw had never been told this before and he was furious. For the first time in his life, he started an attack on another cat. The aggressor was a bigger cat than him and Basilpaw came out of the fight with a cut ear and a torn claw. While Spiderblaze fixed him up, he brooded on the fight and the words thrown at him hurt more than the blows he received.

Current Updates
Basilpaw trained under Spiderblaze for a few moons before she suggested to Coalstar that he should receive his full name. The tom was named Basilfrost for his icy blue eyes and the way he handled bad situations with a cool grace.

More to come soon~



Mother: Foxflower
Father: Moorsong
Sister: Amberlight
Other Family:
-Maternal Grandmother: Opalheart

-Maternal Grandfather:
-Paternal Grandmother:
-Paternal Grandfather: Goldensage
All of his family members were Windclan warriors.

:bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletblack: :bulletblack: Enemy
:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: Hate/Loathe
:bulletwhite: Unsure / Still developing thoughts
:bulletblue: Neutral / Acquaintances
:bulletgreen: Friend
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Good Friend
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Best Friend
:bulletpink: Interested
:bulletpink: :bulletpink: Takes a Liking to / Crush
:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: Lust
:bulletorange: Missing / On the Mind
:bulletorange: :bulletorange: Attachment
:bulletred: Love
:bulletred: :bulletred: Family
:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: Mate
:bulletpurple: Respect
:skull: Deceased





1. Foxflower :bulletred: :bulletred: / :bulletred: / :bulletwhite:

2. Moorsong :bulletred: :bulletred: / :bulletred: / :bulletpurple:

3. Amberlight :bulletred: :bulletred: / :bulletred: / :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:



:bulletblack: He is right handed/pawed, but he tries to use his left paw too.
:bulletblack: His favorite prey is rabbit and his favorite season is leaf-fall.
:bulletblack: He will hum while combining herbs, even if there is another cat there.
:bulletblack: He doesn't know how he feels about his dad's supposed sexuality. He is confused and doesn't want to talk about it.
:bulletblack: His own sexuality is also confused. No, he doesn't want to talk about that either.


1. In Too Deep by Sum 41 -…
2. Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble -…
3. I'll Be by Edwin McCain…
4. Wherever You Will Go by The Calling…
5. Higher by Creed…


RP Sample
From an RP with Otterfoot and Angel

The prophets had finally returned. The whispers and excited conversations all said the same thing. There was a cure.

But Otterfoot was displeased. "They are too late." She muttered, mainly to herself, "Coralpaw is already dead... You can't cure the dead..." The sturdy she-cat left Riverclan camp in a slump, torn between the good news and her own bitter interpretation. Without anywhere to go, she let her paws lead her where they wanted. They took the warrior towards the edge of the river that ran through her territory. She dipped one of her paws in, enjoying the rush of cool liquid over her tough paws.

Towards the north, a sound began, alerting Otterfoot to another presence. Her ears swiveled first, then her head turned to see what was causing the noise. Her eyes rounded slightly and she dropped close to the ground as she saw another cat on the riverbank. Who... what the fox-dung?" She cursed to herself as she saw the stranger enter the rapidly flowing river.

She heard the desperate mewing begin shortly after the stranger went in and Otterfoot shook her head in disbelief. Kestrelpaw, Foxtrot, now this cat? Otterfoot was beginning to wonder why so many cats thought swimming was a fun, easy pastime for any cat to try. The strong current was taking the other cat down the river without mercy, so Otterfoot knew there wasn't much time to think about this.

The Riverclan warrior, with her sleek tabby fur, slid into the water like a snake. She lifted her chin and used her tail like a rudder. Her and her clanmates had been swimming practically since birth so sometimes she swam more like her namesake than a cat. She swam closer to the stranger and reached over to grab the scruff of her neck with her mouth. The weight of the stranger caused both cats to dip under the current.

Any cat mentioned belongs to their rightful owners.
Basilfrost and his family belong to me along with the drawing.
For TBT.
TBT - Toby by Nashi-Hime
TBT - Toby
New App Updates - 0

May 12, 2013 (56 Moons)

74 Moons


(but may be bi-curious... shush)

Moggie (50% British Shorthair : 40% Ragdoll : 10% Tonkinese)

He is a grey and black pointed cat with a light grey underbelly and lower jaw. His eyes are teal.

Detailed Appearance - Toby is a long-legged grey and black tabby tom with black front mittens and black back boots. He has a black stripe that goes down his back and his tail is black as well. His jaw and his underbelly are a light grey as well as the sides of his cheeks and under his eyes. His eyes are a teal, sea blueish green that almost always have a happy, laughing gleam in them.

Scent - His natural smell is like spring-ripe berries. Don't judge. He also smells a bit like the two-leg home where he stays, though.

Voice - He has an upper baritone and a slight southern accent that comes out when he gets excited.

Voice Actor - Tim McGraw

No Clan

Senior Warrior


Orientation || Bi-curious
Preference(s) || Toby isn't too picky when it comes to a she-cat's personality, but he seems to prefer outgoing she-cats. He prefers she-cats who are very pretty and without physical flaws. He is rather shallow when it comes to looks. When it comes to toms, he wouldn't mind experimenting with a cute, shy tom who is nervous or scared about things.
Activity || Has a mate and is not looking for more

Mate = Schone - TeachMeToLearn


:bulletwhite: [Laid-back] :bulletwhite:
Ever seen a ragdoll cat? They are laid back, nonviolent, and generally good-natured. Toby is no exception. He is a gentle giant who would much rather sit and sun bathe than fight. He was often found skirting his patrol duties and climbing a tree to rest in one of the lower branches when he was a warrior. He has even been known to hide out by the river, basking in the mid-day sun. This is his favorite place to hide out. As the happy-go-lucky tom he is, he can come across as rather kit-like.

:bulletgreen: [Don't Judge Attitude] :bulletgreen:
Unique, weird, normal? Toby doesn't care. He tends to see all cats as the same and ignores their oddities. He treats all cats with a seemingly uncaring, chill attitude and it is difficult to upset or anger him. In fact, try goading him into anger and you're likely to just get a rather dumb expression from the tom. Try to fight, and he is more likely to run or try and make friends. He really doesn't have a hating bone in his body.

:bulletred: [ Ladies' Tom Male Chauvinist] :bulletred:
Toby's chill attitude with others also includes the ladies. He has been known to gently flirt or compliment any she-cat he comes across. The dark side to this is that he will complement she-cats even when he doesn't mean it. It's not that he is a bad tom or trying to hurt the she-cats, he just sees them as beings who need to be complimented in order to keep the peace. The only exception for him was Viperstar who he respected, and more recently, Schone who has stolen his affections away from other she-cats. Though he would still likely compliment a pretty she-cat who walked his way.

:bulletwhite: [Vain] :bulletwhite:
Despite his nonjudgemental attitude towards others, Toby holds himself to unattainable heights. He thinks he is a very attractive tom and always strives to look his best. If he has to fight, he will take care to avoid the dirtiest ground. Due to his kittenhood, he likes others to groom him and will purr ferociously if someone grooms behind his ears.

Since he got the scale plague, Toby was very very self-conscious on how he looked. He felt very unpretty with all of the missing fur. Since the cure has been found, his fur has started to grow back, but he is still inwardly grumpy about it. His narcissism is strong.

Even though his fur grew back to hide the scars from the plague, Toby still worries about anyone finding out about them. He makes a point to hide them from his mate.

Toby detests fighting and will try to weasel his way out of fights. Whether it is by complimenting the opponent or trying to literally run away, Slatey will avoid getting into situations where he has to fight. If the other cat is determined to fight, Toby will do his best to evade fighting and evade the attacks. He will rarely fight back even if it is to help another cat in distress. He would more likely run away to find help then to step in and save the injured, weak cat.

:bulletgreen: [Caring] :bulletgreen:
This tom really cares a lot about his family and his loved ones. Although he is a big sissy coward sometimes, he would try to protect the ones closest to him. This mainly includes his mate, but would also include any kits that came into his care.

Brief Backstory:

Born to a smoky grey she-cat, three kits suckled in paradise. A warm pillow, loving hands, and some sort of soothing melody usually surrounded them. The middle-born kit, a lanky, fluffy tom with wide, happy eyes named Tobi was the first kitten to befriend the twolegs they lived with. He quickly became the favorite of an older human kit and was given the most food and the sweet milk treat occasionally. For six moons, he enjoyed his life. He heard rumors of wild cats in the forest, but dismissed them as myths just like the stories about the boogie cat and the cutter which made his siblings cower. Then everything went sour. One day, his mother didn't great him with a friendly lick; she lay lifelessly on the soft pillow. The twolegs took her away while all three kits huddled, scared and confused. Then one day, a stranger twoleg came to the house and took away Tobi's little sister Elfie. The two toms mourned the loss of their sister. Then Tobi's favorite twoleg left and never returned. The oldest twoleg never treated the two toms like the younger one had and one day, the brothers were put outside and were not let back in. Tobi stood outside the twoleg nest for hours, mewing and meowing, asking for forgiveness and to be let back in. His brother eventually took him away and into the forest. He knew it was the only chance for them to survive.

The very young cats did not know how to cope with being on their own and both almost lost their lives that first leaf-bare. Hunting was a foreign concept and scavenging was always an option. Carter, the older brother, did his best to take care of the two little creatures. He found them shelter, water, but couldn't find much food. Tobi was not helpful and more than once Carter had to trail his scent through the snow back to towards the twoleg nest. The two lived by stealing mouthfuls of crowfood and twoleg rubbish. They grew up hard and skinny, but they always had each other. When it was getting close to leaf-bare the next year, Carter told Tobi it was time to find a warmer shelter. He knew they wouldn't survive another snowfall where they were. When they reached their new territory, they noticed the smells of different cats everywhere. Tobi seemed unflustered, but Carter was suspicious. They found a cave and Tobi went straight in. Carter followed, alarmed at the scent that hit his nose.

"Wait, Tobi!" He called out. A rumbling growl answered his call and he darted into the darkness to find his brother cowering from an angry looking badger who was in front of two little badgers. "" Tobi whimpered and his brother responded. That brave cat fought a fight worthy of any clan cat, but was no match for the badger. Tobi backed out of the cave, the badger on his paws. He ran until he was at the bottom of high cliff. He had no where to go, but the badger was already gone. The young cat broke down, sobbing uncontrollably at the loss of his only friend, his brother. He stayed there for two days, not moving, not eating, slowly dying.

As the tom sat there, blankly staring at the slate wall of rock, he wondered when death would come. But it never did...instead a patrol of Thunderclan warriors found him. At first they thought he was already dead, but when they realized he was alive they took him to camp and he slowly regained his health and his old personality. When they asked him what his name was, he replied Slate and he asked to take a clan name and was called Slatewhisker from then on. He didn't speak about his past, the memory was too painful and it wasn't in Toby's nature to dwell on the depressing. No one in the clans has discovered his kittypet kithood. Sometimes, he can be caught looking mournfully into the distance, but most of the time his carefree persona overpowers this seriousness.

Since joining the group
Toby met a few cats including Rosewing, Mallardwing, Shadefeather, and Tyler. They are all dead now.

Toby met and fell in love with a kittypet named Schone.
On the night of the Thunderclan raid, he was by the river with Schone.

He very very briefly mentored Heatherpaw/light

Toby contracted the scale plague and couldn't leave the medicine cat den for a long time.

Toby was cured of the plague.

After contracting and surviving the plague, Toby felt utterly disappointed with life in the clans. He was still his happy-go-lucky self, but all he could think about was Schone and whether or not he would catch another disease that would leave him unable to enjoy life. He decided to leave Thunderclan to live with Schone and her elderly two-legs. He is much happier now, and he dropped the name Slatewhisker and now he goes by Toby.

Mother - Bella
Father - Unknown
Siblings - Carter   Elfie
(Send me a message if you'd like to adopt/rp Elfie)
Mate - Schone
Kits - N/A


:bulletblack: :bulletblack: Hate / Untrustworthy
:bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletwhite: Unsure / Still developing thoughts
:bulletblue: Neutral / Acquaintances
:bulletgreen: Friend
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Best / Close Friend
:bulletpink: Interested
:bulletpink: :bulletpink: Takes a Liking to / Crush
:bulletyellow: Attachment
:bulletorange: Missing / On the Mind
:bulletred: Love
:bulletred: :bulletred: Family
:heart: Mate
:bulletpurple: Respect
:skull: Deceased

:skull: / :bulletgreen: / :bulletpink: Mallardwing pack4ever8
I really like my little clanmate. I felt so sorry for him when he lost his sister. I hope I can possibly be of some comfort. <3
I can't believe he is dead.... I was attached to him and I'm so sad he is gone...

:skull: / :bulletpink: Rosewing purrcatory
I really was getting attached to this she-cat... I don't understand why she had to die so young. Her beauty was really a highlight to my day and he competitive spirit always brought a smile to my face.

:skull: / :bulletblue: / :bulletgreen: Shadefeather DeadOnTheHorizon
This is a pretty nice she-cat. She relaxed with me one day out on the rocks. She was pretty heavy with kits though. I don't really like pregnant cats... Oh well. I wonder who the father of her kits are? I never see her hanging around any tom cats.

:bulletblue: Rockytail Puddlepawproductions
This is a sweet little she-cat. I like her personality and she is very friendly. :)


:skull: / :bulletblue: / :bulletpink: Tyler Miss-Smutty
I found this she-cat rolling in some catnip once. She is charming, but I don't really know much about her. She would be an interesting she-cat to get to know, that's for sure. Also, Tyler sure sounds like a kittypet name. I wonder why she decided to keep it?



:bulletpink: / :bulletpink::bulletpink: Schone - TeachMeToLearn
Man this she-cat is something else. She is beautiful and refined. She's nothing like I've ever seen before. Honestly, I think I'd like to take things a little further... I hope she meets me for our secret rendezvous to the river on the night of the full moon. I could really see this going somewhere. Wowzers....

:bulletred: :heart:
I've never met a she-cat like this before. She is really something else. Beautiful, refined, and polite. I think this she-cat could really be the one for me. If only the clans weren't so against kittypets. I never really understood their hatred for house cats. :<

:bulletred: :heart: :bulletorange:
I... I just miss her so much... I've been stuck in the medicine cat den for so long... I bet she has forgotten me... Or worse, she hasn't and will be repulsed by my fur loss, my scars. I'm so ugly now... No cat could want to be my mate.

Notes - Always Open
Comments - Closed
Skype - Don't have one
Chat - Rare

1. Free and Easy - Dierks Bentley…
2. Roll to Me - Del Amitri…

Roleplay Sample:
(Taken from an rp with Otterpaw and Whitepaw (fancy-kitty)
The young Riverclan apprentice had been fishing by the grove when she heard a noise coming from the Shadowclan border. The fish she had in her paws jumped out, causing her to let out a yelp. The sharp fins on the fish has cut her slightly on the shoulder. It was a light wound and the only pain was to Otterpaw's pride. She cast an angry look towards Shadowclan as though to blame them for her scratch. As she sat glaring, she noticed a small movement. The sun was setting fast and now that her fish had escaped, Otterpaw knew she needed to catch something before returning. She began to pad closer to the border hoping to catch whatever had made that movement. On the borderline, she spotted it. A small thrush! This was it... Otterpaw wasn't that skilled at catching birds, but she would surely try. She lowered her haunches and scooted towards the animal. When she was almost close enough to pounce, the bird noticed her and took wing, calling a warning. "Oh racdrops!" The dark tabby called out loudly to the bird. The young she-cat didn't realize she had strayed over the Shadowclan border in order to stalk the bird.
A New Start
:bulletgreen: = Slatewhisker Nashi-Hime
:bulletblue: = Schöne TeachMeToLearn

The truth was obvious to Slatewhisker. There was nothing left in Thunderclan for him.

The lanky tom was now fully recovered from the plague thanks to the healing herbs brought back from the prophets. The patches of furless skin were no longer visible and his grey/black fur covered any scars that were left. The emotional pain from his illness was still there though; while he was sick, he had been confined to the medicine cat's den for more than five moons.

Schöne must hate me. The grey warrior had thought while he sat in the den, wondering if he would live or die. Or she has forgotten about me.

When he healed, he couldn't get the image of the dark brown she-cat out of his head. He saw her blue eyes in the autumn sky and heard her voice in his dreams. Nothing in the clans could compare to her and that last night they were together by the river. Slatewhisker made up his mind, and his heart knew no other choice. He walked to the leader's den and poked his head inside. He told Maplestar of his plight and how he was an older warrior now. Instead of becoming an elder and living his life in the clans, he was going to leave.

It went as well as could be expected.

The silver tom left at dawn the next day and trotted in the crisp morning sun to the house where his love lived with her two-legs. His sea-green eyes glistened with emotion as he stared towards the fence that separated his world from hers.

Schöne staid curled in her nest made of soft blankets and feathery pillows. Her house had been empty for quiet some time a the she-cat and her two legs traveled over the greater part of Europe taking part in cat shows. She had earned a few blue and red ribbons to make her owners proud, an now hat she had returned she felt exhausted and alone. She had been caught off guard with all the travel and hadnt been able to tell slatewhisker beforehand and te entire trip she had been worried about him. She had heard of the strange illness that had plagued the clans, but she had been unable to help and too terrified to look for him when she suspected he may have contracted it.  Instead she had been whisked away, miles and miles away worried sick about the grey Tom.

Nightmares had plagued her since her return and she hadnt seen slatewhisker. Terrifying dreams of the grey tabby with melting skin and blood red eyes. Most nights she lay away obsessively grooming her silky brown fur.

Dawn light filtered through tall glass windows looking into the garden outside. He could see the top of the stone fence from ware she laid. Her blue eyes scanned the horizon, hopping slatewhisker would appear in one peace, healthy as the last time she had seen him.

She had waited outside everyday since her return until her two legs called her inside for the night. Her heart still heavy, Schöne stood from her bed, stretched, and sulked outside.

As the tom waited by the fence, memories that were long buried played in his mind. When he was a kit, he had lived in a house like the one he saw now. It had been some of the best memories he had. The warm hand of the two-leg, the soft words of his mother, the kindness from his sister, all of these stirred long forgotten memories of safety and security. Slatewhisker hadn't realized how much he has missed those feelings. There is no safety in the clans. There is no promise of tomorrow.

Slatewhisker had not thought of what might happen if the two-legs who kept Schöne didn't want him. He hadn't thought that far ahead. All he knew was that he wanted to be with her no matter what, and he didn't want to return back to the clans.

At the first sight of her silky fur, Slatewhisker's heart thudded against his chest. It was as though his world stopped turning and everything that had happened to him no longer mattered. His long grey legs quivered with excitement and his face flushed. "Schöne..." His voice was deep and trembled with his southern accent that almost distorted her name.


The autumn sky shone brightly with streaks of pink and gold, fresh dew drops glistening off the red leaved maple trees lining the corner of her garden. She clawed up the branches, the stone fence being too high for her to climb on her own. She was not as strong as a clan cat, but she made it to the top without much trouble. She let out a soft sigh, her soft blue eyes turned to the sky, she hadn't expected to hear her name from down below.

"Slatewhisker!" her eyes glistened with tears as she dropped down beside the grey tabby. She nuzzled his cheek with a sad smile. "I was so worried about you, are you alright?" her care was evident in her voice, a purr rose in her chest as she circled him, her sky blue eyes scanning him for injuries. He looked skinnier then the last time she saw him, but looked all in one piece. "I'm so glad to see you again." she pressed herself against his side, deciding she was never going to let him out of her sight again. the pretty she-cat couldn't handle not knowing if he would return to her in one piece, if not at all.

The ex-warrior's eyes misted over as Schöne dropped down to him. "I've missed you so much." He whispered fiercely into her ear as she pressed her pelt against his. He took a step back look at her. "You are as beautiful as ever, Miss." He dipped his head almost shyly then raised his head to flash the she-cat a dazzling smile. "I've thought of you ever day since we last saw each other." He spoke earnestly. "And I've thought it over. I no longer want to live with the clans."

The tom's paws tingled nervously as he watched to see what she would say.


"I've missed you to. " she smiled, taking in his sweet scent. He smelled of the forest and crisp autumn wind. " I was so worried someding had happened to, I could barely sleep. " schöne's heart fluttered in her chest, her mate returning to her well and unharmed almost too much for her to bare. "De clans..." She thought over what he had said, turning it over in her head could that possibly mean-"does dat mean you would live wid me?!"

A bright smile spread across her maw as the thought of her love living with her. She would have jumped for joy if it wasn't so unlady like, but the explosion of emotions were evident in her eyes. "I would love dat. "

Her response couldn't have been better. Slatewhisker gave a little yip and nuzzled his mate's face with enthusiasm. "Can I meet your two-legs? I hope they like me!" The tabby tom was so excited to move in with Schöne. He looked towards her house with dancing paws. His tail swooshed side to side happily. Even in the cool air, he felt a fire in his blood.

"Of course, yes. " Schöne beamed, purring loudly. "Dry should be awake by now. " she turned back to te tall stone fence, bunching her hind legs anticipating the large jump. Faint claw marks lined the top of the fence where she had climbe up before. The jump was difficult for the pretty she-cat, she wasn't  lean like her mate, but she managed all right. Leaving was the easy part, she could use low branches of the trees in her garden, gettig back always posed a bit of a challenge. She cleared the jump, shaking out her fur and looking down at slatewhisker with loving blue eyes.

"Dey will love you I promise. " she grinned, clearly excited to have her mate meet her owners. Thy were a kind elderly couple that spent their retirement showing and breeding cats. "Deir grand kits come over sometimes to play, but dey are very well behaved. "

Slatewhisker watched the beautiful she-cat jump up the branches without much difficulty. He thought she was skilled even though she was not a warrior. He followed suit, pushing against the earth with this strong legs. He was not the strongest or fastest, but he could manage when the need arose.

"They sound wonderful. I can't wait to meet them." I wonder if they will give me a collar too? He thought to himself, studying the one around Schöne's neck.

Schöne descended gracefully down into her garden, the grass was still clinging to it's pale green color, but it would no doubt be turning golden soon. Bright red and orange leaves scattered the yard and delicate purple and pink flowers lined the outside wall of the two-leg nest. Two glass windows looked into the garden, between them a large, heavy wooden door with a cat flap at the bottom for the she-cat to go in and out as she please.

"Dis way." she smiled, motioning Slatewhisker to follower her into the nest. Warmth brushed her cheeks and the sweet smell of food wafted in. An older female two-leg stood inside, leaning over a cooking dish of food, not noticing the cats as they came in.

Walking into the house was like walking into his kittenhood. Slatewhisker let the sweet scent of two-leg food and essence wash over him. He felt at home.

The sight of the two-leg made the grey tabby happy, and he brushed up against Schöne. "Hi!" He mewed out to the two-leg, hoping to get her attention. "Nice to meet you!" His purr reverberated and the floor underneath his paws was comforting to him.

Schöne smiled encouragingly. Se hoped everything would go well, not that she thought et two legs would hurt slatewhisker, but that they might turn him out, not wanting another cat, especially one without a petegree.

Te older woman turned, hearing a sound tht did not belong to her cat. Her eyes lit up once they landed on the Tom. She got that mother cat look and immediately sweeper him up in her arms coining softly in that way that humans did. "Careful!" Schöne giggled, "she is a bit of a cuddlier. "

Slatewhisker purred and rubbed his face against the older woman gently. "I don't mind." He chirped gleefully. Feeling accepted, Slatewhisker knew he had made the right decision, and he didn't stop to think about his now ex-clanmates and what they must be thinking as they woke in the dens without him there.

When the older woman sat him down back on the ground, Slatewhisker scuttled back to Schöne and watched his new two-leg with a happy face. "Thank you, ma'am for letting me stay!" He meowed out to her. Seemingly in response, she bent down and petted his soft fur.
He had found his home.
A New Start

Slatewhisker has left Thunderclan and will now be living in Schöne's house with her two-legs. He is very happy and she is very happy. The end. :3

Slatewhisker belongs to me.
Schöne belongs to TeachMeToLearn
All That I'm After.. by Nashi-Hime
All That I'm After..
..Is a Life full of Laughter, as long as I'm laughing with you~

"Ten miles from town and I just broke down
Spittin' out smoke on the side of the road
I'm out here alone just tryin' to get home
To tell you I was wrong but you already know

Believe me I won't stop at nothin'
To see you so I've started runnin'

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
As long as I'm laughin' with you
I'm thinkin' that all that still matters is love ever after
After the life we've been through
'Cause I know there's no life after you

Last time we talked, the night that I walked
Burns like an iron in the back of my mind
I must've been high to say you and I
Weren't meant to be and just wastin' my time

Oh, why did I ever doubt you?
You know I would die here without you

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
As long as I'm laughin' with you
I'm thinkin' that all that still matters is love ever after
After the life we've been through
'Cause I know there's no life after you

You and I, right or wrong, there's no other one
After this time I spent alone
It's hard to believe that a man with sight could be so blind
Thinkin' 'bout the better times, must've been outta my mind
So I'm runnin' back to tell you

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
Without you God knows what I'd do, yeah

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter
As long as I'm laughin' with you
I'm thinkin' 'bout all that still matters is love ever after
After the life we've been through, yeah
Know there's no life after you

Know there's no life after you
Know there's no life after you
Know there's no life after you
Know there's no life after you
Know there's no life after you
Know there's no life after you
Know there's no life after you, yeah"…

Oh geezuz. I must of spent over ten hours drawing this. OvO
Eventually I will settle on a pelt design for Slatey. I just can't seem to decide. lol

So um maybe something big is about to happen to him and it might be awesome and stuffs... >: )
Milkshake Shipping Forever
Slatewhisker and art belong to me~
Lyrics belong to Daughtry.
Reedpaw Plot Tracker by Nashi-Hime
Reedpaw Plot Tracker
Reedpaw's Plot Tracker~

Finished Plots

Current Plots
Shadestare - Shadowclan - Fluffonmypants

Number of Available Plots


Reedpaw and art belong to me.


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United States


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-What I will draw/attempt-
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Simply note me with what you want. I need a detailed comment or a reference. I will not start the drawing until I have been paid half of the payment. Thanks for the support!

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Meeting the Babies

:bulletorange: = Otterfoot
:bulletpurple: = Angelfeather

:bulletorange: Outside of the nursery, the dark Riverclan warrior, Otterfoot, paced with uncertainty. It had happened. Angel... Angelfeather now... was inside the bush with her kittens. There were five babies, and Otterfoot felt like an anxious tom. She didn't know if she wanted to go in now or wait. It's not like she had any obligation to these kits, but she felt such a protectiveness over their mother now. She knew sooner or later she would have to meet the offspring of her friend.

After countless time waiting and pacing around camp, she finally stood at the entrance of the nursery and took a deep breath. She plunged her head inside, then took a couple steps. Her eyes adjusted to the layered sunlight that filtered through the thick bush. The nursery was located inside of a scrub that was mostly hollow inside. Upon looking around, Otterfoot saw her friend, and she saw the small lives at her belly. The dark tabby's bright orange eyes rounded into orbs as she took in the sight. Five small, perfect kits nestled in the crook of Angelfeather's belly. When she spoke, her voice was a little cracked. "Angelfeather.. they are beautiful..."

:bulletpurple: All day, faint scents of her dark friend wafted into the nursery, getting Angelfeather's hopes up, only to be dashed when she lender entered. "Perhaps she's busy..." the thought to herself as she looked down at her kits. "Or maybe she doesn't want to see them..." They were cute! Why wouldn't she want to see her perfect, beautiful children?! She blinked then calmed herself down by grooming herself, then her kits. "Maybe she's just not ready." That was her final conclusion on the matter, so she waited patiently.

When Otterfoot finally came in, it immediately brightened Angelfeather's day. "It's about time," she mewed quietly yet happily. And hearing what she said next made her feel a surge of pride. "Aren't they...? Come on, come closer. It's a little dark in here, so I want you to see and welcome them all into the family." If she had a tail, it would be flicking around happily right then.

She wasted no time introducing them- her voice bubbly with excitement and pride, as if she was showing off a collection of rare jewels. "This tom here was first born, his name is Amber kit. I love how his little tush is white! Isn't he cute? It's like someone forgot to continue painting on his ginger coat." She laughed softly mad the continued on to the next kit, "And look at this one; he looks a lot like you- well, Redwave, but still. I was thinking about you when I named him; wanna try guessing it? You get one clue. He's named after another cute fluffy brown animal that's not an otter." She winked playfully.

All those moons of carrying these little burdens had dowsed the she-cat's once vivacious personality, but now that they were here, she didn't feel so alone and for the first time in a long time, she felt truly happy. And it was obvious as well; she got that playful spark back. "I believe Mini-me was born next, but by then I was so drugged by poppy seeds that I don't really remember," she admitted sheepishly before turning to look at a little kit that look nearly identical to her, with the exception of stripes. "I decided to give her my old name, Cookie... With kit at the end of course. And then next was her sister, Fizzykit. She reminds me of this bubbly brown water two legs drink- I believe it's called 'cream soda' and it fizzes. And even as a baby, I can tell that she'll be a handful." She continued smiling and laughing, right up until she got to the last kit. Her face said it all; there was confusion as well as dislike and remorse. Just a messy mix before she looked at Otterfoot with a bit of a heavy heart. "The darkest one, the tom... He's the youngest. And I... I'm pretty sure Shadesong's the father..." She whispered quietly, just to make sure absolutely no one would hear this aside from Otterfooot. She had already told the she-cat her secret, and now that they were here, she just wanted to let her know who was whose. "I think most of them are Redwave's... I mean, they all have stripes, so that's a good sign. Shadesong had spots, so I'm not so sure if Squirrel and Match are Redwave's... But Squirrel looks just like his father... Haha, and so does Match." She shifted a little uncomfortably at the subject, but even with that tiny movement, made little Squirrelkit flop over.

Angelfeather's face lined with worry as she tried helping him latch back on, but she was still new at this, so she would need Dewsplash's help since Squirrelkit was the hardest one to feed. Though, it was a blessing in disguise, considering that it didn't leave her much time to fret over her kits paternity.

:bulletorange:Otterfoot knew she had taken too long to come inside, but her hesitance had no malice. Still, she couldn't deny the wonderful sight of the kits. She took a few steps closer at Angelfeather's encouragement.

Amberkit. Otterfoot looked down at the first born and gave him a quick sniff. All of the kits smelled like Angel, milk, and even a faint scent of Riverclan. Amberkit was strong looking with the beginnings of a fluffy coat. Otterfoot didn't say it, but she wondered how well a fluffy cat would do in Riverclan's waters. Then again, the kit could grow out of  the fluffy stage very easily.

The warrior turned to the next kit. "Only one hint?" She gave a slight grin and thought about it for a moment. "Beaverkit?" She gave a light laugh. "But they aren't really fluffy. I'm going guess Squirrelkit." She said with finality.  Upon closer inspection of the second kit, Otterfoot wondered if he was ok. He didn't move as much as the other kits and when he did it was in a strange way. It seemed like he was having a hard time kneading Angel's stomach. A slight look of concern flicked then left Otterfoot's features.

Otterfoot gave a chuckle to Angel's poppy seed comment. She had been on them once before, and she understood. "Cookiekit will grow up to be a beautiful cat, just like her mother." She said the words matter-of-fact, then blushed after she said them. She tried to continue with her comments gracefully. Otterfoot didn't know what 'cream soda' was, but she nodded as though it made since. Fizzykit was already a squirmy child, nudging her siblings and causing a little scene and Otterfoot smiled at the sight.

Her vision fell to the last kit, and then to Angel's face. Angel's emotions were clear and Otterfoot felt sad for her friend. She reached over to the dark kit and gave him a lick on the head. "You know Angel, he kind of looks like me too." The warrior's tufted ears flicked back as she gave a funny face that resembled a kit who's eyes weren't open yet. "Do you see the resemblance?" Otterfoot's sun eyes flicked back open and she once again wondered if there was something wrong with the kit who fell over.

:bulletpurple: Angelfeather couldn't help the deep rumbling purr that reverberated in her chest. She felt so happy and content! Otterfoot seemed pretty impressed by her kits; almost as if they were related to her or something. Well, maybe she and Redwave were related...? She never asked, and they both were tabbies... Oh StarClan, that would be so awkward! Her lip jutted out in a thoughtful pout before she piped up, "Hey, you and Redwave wouldn't happen to be related, would you?"

She nodded happily, "Only one! Hm... I've never seen a beaver before. So nope! Ah yes~! I can't believe you guessed it so quickly." She laughed a little, though, once she noticed that slight look of concern, she felt her heart drop down to her stomach. So Otterfoot noticed as well...? Surely it can't be that bad! He's just a kit, he can grow out of it... Angelfeather shifted a little to shelter her son protectively.

The she-cat blushed brightly at Otterfoot's comment, but she just ended up smiling and laughing quietly, "I think she'll turn out even more beautiful, since she'll have all her legs and a tail, not only that, but stripes too~! I wonder if she'll have my eyes?" She said happily; it didn't matter to her, so long as she was healthy... She found herself glancing at Squirrelkit again.

Angelfeather smiled once more when the other she-cat seemed to approve of her daughters; it was a bit of a relief to be honest. If Otterfoot gave her approval, then the rest of the clan would, right? At least, that's what she hoped for. "Hey Otterfoot? Do you think they'll be treated alright in the clan...?" She finally asked. She didn't see why not, but still... Not everyone liked kittypets or their children. But it's not their fault!

"He does?" She asked, sounding a little shocked, but after witnessing that face the tabby made, she couldn't help but snicker and giggle until she was out-right laughing, "Well~! When you pull a face like that, I'm sure you could make any kit look like you." It brought her spirits back up, and soon she said playfully, "Well, if anyone asks, then I'll just say you're the father, kay?" she joked with a wink while sticking her tongue out slightly. But after a moment, her brow furrowed as she huffed, "It's not anyone's business anyway. Besides... It's not like Shadesong is a bad cat... In fact, I hope Matchkit turns out like his father in every way possible." She mewed before glancing at the dark tabby. She couldn't help but think of how handsome he'll become in the future; she just prayed he wouldn't make the same decisions his parents made...

"Hmm..." She looked concerned as she shifted and tried her best to get in a position that would work for Squirrelkit and the rest, but that didn't seem to be happening... "Do you think you could get the medicine cat, or his apprentice...? I'm still not sure how to feed Squirrelkit yet and I don't want the poor thing starving..." The she-cat sounded forlorn; what kind of mother couldn't even feed her child? "Sorry to ask you... I mean, unless you want to watch them while I go get him? They'd probably get really fussy considering they're nursing now..." And mewling kits isn't going to warm any hearts like it did when they were first born.

:bulletorange: "Related? Well no, I don't think so." Otterfoot gave a puzzled look. She didn't think she was related to Redwave. No one in her family looked like him that she knew of. She brushed the idea off with a shrug of her shoulders.

Otterfoot thought about her answer to Angel's concern. Sometimes kits born to kittypets had a rough life, but Redwave was a warrior of Riverclan and his clanmates respected him. "I think your kits will turn out alright as long as they uphold the warrior code and work hard for the clan." The tabby nodded to emphasis her thoughts.

Otterfoot blushed at the comment of fatherhood. She felt that any cat should be proud to be the father of Angel's kits. Finally, however, the dark cat decided to ask bluntly about Squirrelkit. "Is that little kit alright? The one you named after the fluffy forest animal. " Otterfoot spoke the words frankly but with concern as well. "I will go get the medicine cat apprentice if you would prefer that."

"Oh, good! W-well, um... not good necessarily, just... I was just curious is all, since you're both tabbies is all." She smiled sheepishly and inside felt a little relieved. So, she wasn't interested in the father of her kits' sister or anything like that. That would be... tough.

Her ears perked attentively as she watched the she-cat and listened to her advice; she greatly valued her advice, so with a meek smile, she nodded. "That's true; I'll be sure to teach them to live by it! T-though... Ahaha... I might need a little review as well." Her cheeks went a little rosy from embarrassment. The only time she had heard about the warrior code extensively was the first time she met Redwave many moons ago.

Angelfeather grinned mischievously when she embarrassed Otterfoot, but as soon as the she-cat brought up Squirrelkit, that demeanor quickly faded. Her lip quivered a bit as tears began to bubble and blur part of her vision. Quickly she looked down at him and murmured shakily, "I-I don't know... I don't know what to do Otterfoot, I'm scared I'm going to lose him...! I love all my kits, I wanna see them become warriors, b-but..." She sniffled and then gently touched her tiny brown tabby with her nose. "I don't know what to do... What if he doesn't make it? It would be my fault... I'm the mother after all...!" Carefully, she picked him up and moved him up between her paws so she could begin grooming him to soothe herself. As long as she could feel him breathing, she'd be alright. "I... think something might be wrong with his legs..." She finally voiced her concerns. She didn't want to tell anyone that she birthed kits that weren't able to become warriors. And whether it was her fault or Redwave's, she didn't know, but she felt responsible considering she was the one that carried them for those two moons, and she was the one taking care of them. "W-Well... He's not so fussy right now, so he mustn't be very hungry... I think we'll be okay without him, but once Squirrelkit starts squeaking, I'll need your help in getting him."  

:bulletorange: Otterfoot leaned down and touched her nose to the top of Amberkit's head. "I'll do my best to teach them all too." Her orange eyes returned to Angelfeather and she added, "I'll teach you too, if you want. But the elders may help even more than me. They love to ramble about the code " She gave a light laugh.

Otterfoot's tabby features twisted with concern for Squirrelkit. Something was definitely odd about the kit, and the warrior had never seen anything like it before in her life. But the warrior didn't want to worry Angelfeather any more than was necessary. "Well, I'm sure everything will work out. After all, if his mother can become a warrior with three legs and no tail, then he should be able to even with a leg problem." Otterfoot hoped she was right. The she-cat remembered when her sister twisted her paw in the undercurrent of the river. It had been a slow recovery, and life could be rough for a cat who couldn't use their front paws. Right now though, it was more important for Squirrelkit to learn to nurse.

The sturdy she-cat let her belly brush the ground as she tucked her front paws under her tan fur. "I know the clan will help out if he needs it." She spoke affirmatively.

:bulletpurple: She smiled softly and happily, her eyes closing as she nodded her head approvingly, "I couldn't think of a better mentor- that reminds me! When they're old enough, do you think I could request you to mentor one of my kits? I think you'd make a wonderful teacher, Otterfoot." She said sincerely as she peeked at the tabby warrior. "Heehee~ I'll be sure to visit them soon then," she replied happily.

Angelfeather wasn't so much convinced, her head dipping a little as she frowned at the ground, "Well... I think I only became a warrior just because I was carrying Redwave's kits..." She stated softly, hoping Otterfoot wouldn't be surprised by her revelation, if it was one. This was just Angelfeather's thoughts on the matter; she wasn't much of a fighter, so really her only skill was fishing, and even that wasn't so great. The queen glanced down at her little kittens, looking over each and every one before setting her gaze on Squirrelkit, the kit closest to her paws. Once again, she shifted then tried to find a spot for him where she could easily reach him and readjust him if he needed to be, but it seemed like that was taken. Without much of a second thought, she removed Matchkit and set him aside to better attend to Squirrelkit. Like the medicine cat had shown her, she pawed at her own belly to get the milk flowing and soon the noisy kitten was quieted again.

With a soft yet tired sigh, she nodded, "I would hope so. Clans... They're like families, aren't they?" It was a soothing thought. So soothing, that she even began to doze off... Because, let's face it, how much sleep could she have gotten with five newborns constantly squeaking and vying for her attention? And now that the noisiest one was taken care of, she couldn't help herself from nodding off. However, that left Matchkit searching for his mother's warm belly, seeing as how she was so preoccupied with Squirrelkit, it seemed like he was forgotten. The dark kit clumsily bumbled over to Otterfoot where his head blindly bumped against her paw, only to rest there for a moment and mewl out a tiny squeak.

:bulletorange: "Of course, I'd be happy..." Otterfoot started to reply when she noticed her friend beginning to seem sad again. "Oh, no Angelfeather. I don't think Echostar would have allowed you to stay if all you were good for was having kits. I really don't." Otterfoot's orange eyes noticed as her friend pushed the dark little kit aside and Otterfoot felt uneasy. She kind of liked the little kit already and she wondered if her friend's unease towards the kit was greater than she let on.

Watching Angel's head dip down in sleep, Otterfoot felt slightly relieved. She was just really tired; that was all. There couldn't be a hidden distaste towards her kit, right? Otterfoot shook her head slightly, throwing that idea away. When the tumbling, blind kit fell towards her, Otterfoot gave a surprised expression with wide eyes and tufted ears standing tall. "Oh!" She said quietly, " Shush, Matchkit. You'll wake your mother." The warrior bent down and gave the dark kit a few licks on his head to calm him down. "There's no need to fuss." She whispered then she picked up the hungry kit in her mouth and placed him down beside Angelfeather's belly. The kit began to suckle and Otterfoot felt relieved.

After replacing the kit, the warrior padded quietly towards Angelfeather's head and she laid down on the cool ground beside her. She gave her friend a few gentle licks on the head and gave a slight sigh as she rested her own head on her paws and closed her eyes. Maybe it was a good time for a nap.

:bulletpurple: That brightened her up a bit, feeling slightly better as she mewed softly, "Thanks..." With a yawn, she rested her head down and tried her best not to move so he kits could eat in peace and so she may sleep. At this point, Angel had mixed feelings about Matchkit. His father was just so charming and kind, but on the same foot, he was Thunderclan, and she was Riverclan now, and that just wasn't a good thing. Was it...? Probably not. She remembered the warrior code; not verbatim, but something like you're allowed to have friends in other clans, but you might meet them in battle one day, or something like that. Maybe having kits outside of your own clan wasn't as taboo as she previously thought. She'll have to ask about it some time...

The dark little tom gave her a quieter mew as she spoke to him, but was once again silent when Otterfoot had licked his head. His chubby little body curled up into a bundle of fur once he was picked up, and soon he was happily back at his mother's side.

Upon feeling the nice little licks from her friend, she gave her a weak little smile. She was too tired to actually open her eyes, but she felt it nonetheless and that warmed her heart. Her neck craned slightly, so her curly fur brushed lightly against Otterfoot's paw, which is where she decided she would rest. Hopefully the other she-cat wouldn't mind, but she liked having the company, which she didn't get too much of as of late. Still... Now seemed the perfect time for a nap with her dearest friend.

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