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Roanstar by Nashi-Hime
"I dreamt a dream last night...."

Roanpup Roanpaw Roanstorm

Roan – His father named him after the reddish markings on his pelt when he was born.

Star – Denotes his rank as leader






Roanstar is equivalent to a 24 year old human.


pronouns - he, him, his


Pointer, Harrier, Treeing Walker Coonhound, and Canaan

"...And so did I..."

INFP – The Idealist


:bulletgreen: Altruistic :bulletgreen:  :bulletgreen: Dedicated and Hard-working :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Diplomat and Peacekeeper :bulletgreen:

The most positive parts of Roanstar's personality exist in his altruism and his willingness to put forth his whole soul into working for his clan. His altruism extends to dogs of other clans and to strays as well. This alpha would never see a dog go hungry or hurt if it was within his power to stop it.

He is a gentle, kind soul who detests fighting unless it is absolutely necessary. However, when he does fight, he fights will all of his strength to ensure the protection of his clanmates. If at all possible, Roanstar will try to be a peacekeeper and a diplomat to dogs of other clans. In his mind, fighting only weakens everyone and must be avoided if survival is desired. Roanstar will also try to create compromises between members of his clan when they fight. He has been known to interfere with some fights in his clan to help reach agreements all parties can be happy with.

:bulletwhite: Introverted :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: Linguist and Story-Teller :bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: Withdrawn and Private :bulletwhite:

Surprisingly, given his rank, Roanstar is not very extroverted. He can come across as shy and private, and he is rather socially introverted. While other dogs are grooming and talking about the day, Roanstar can be found on the high ledge, watching over clan by himself. When his is upset or sad, he will go on a walk by himself, or hid in his den. This has been known to happen fairly frequently. When he is in one of these moods, only Orcajaw can come around him without being sent away. Sometimes he relies on Orcajaw's outgoing nature to help him relate to his clanmates.

There is an exception to the private, introverted nature. Whenever the mood strikes him, Roanstar is an excellent story-teller. He will sit near the center of camp and young 'pups and 'paws will surround him to hear a story from the time before the island. Most of the stories he knows were told to him by elders, some of which were on the original ship. He has a way with words and can amuse and scare with his stories. This trait often helps when he must talk at gatherings when his introverted nature would rather leave than talk to dogs from every clan. He will relay the news of his clan as though he is telling one of his stories.

:bulletred: Impractical :bulletred:  :bulletred: Sensitive to Criticism :bulletred:  :bulletred: Perfectionist :bulletred: 

No one is perfect. Roanstar is prone to impractical optimism and can often imagine a perfect world that realistically could never exist. He often comes up with ideas that are not realistic or possible to execute. The alpha is also sensitive to criticism and perceived affronts to his ability to lead his clan. He can be sulky or hurt when others put him down or comment on his faults. When he comes up with one of his "brilliant" ideas and other point out the realistic impossibilities, Roanstar can become downtrodden and rather moody. Roanstar is also a perfectionist. To him, everything has its place and even in one of his crazy plans, things are supposed to go the right way. When something goes wrong with one of his plans, Roanstar can lose focus and drift off into a spacey state that is really no help to anyone.

"Well what was yours?"


It really was love at first sight. Monarchpaw was a gentle, free-spirited warrior to be. Eaglepaw was a serious, solemn pup who was older than his years gave credit to. The two bonded over their love of Thunderclan and the crisp air in the mountains during leaf-bare. Monarchpaw became Monarchwing and Eaglepaw became Eaglewatcher. The two confessed their love for one another on a bright sunny day in a field full of juniper berries with birds singing overhead. It was picture perfect.

A few months later, Monarchwing told her mate a secret she had been guarding happily. She was expecting his pups! A few months later, everything seemed perfect. Monarchwing happily nested in the medicine dog’s den, contently awaiting the arrival of her offspring. However on the day of the birth, things took a dark turn for the happy family.


Monarchwing went into labor and something was wrong. The blood came out in gushes and the medicine dog’s den was painted red. The first pup came out a girl, healthy but unusually small and skinny. The second pup was a still-born and the medicine dog was losing hope in saving the mother and any other pups. After what seemed like days, Monarchwing gave birth to her final pup, a surprisingly robust boy with freckles dusting his pudgy face. The tired mother gave one last look at her two living pups and licked their small faces before closing her eyes for the last time.


With the help of another queen who was nursing pups at the same time, Eaglewatcher raised his son and daughter the best he could. His already solemn personality just developed into depression and a sour outlook on life. The little girl, Juniperpup never gained a lot of weight and remained a slender dog into her apprenticehood. Roanpup, on the other hand, became a fast-growing ball of energy. He was always up to mischief with his best friend, Orcapaw. The two could often be found causing some sort of trouble, usually lead by the boisterous Orcapaw.


Roanpaw was apprenticed to Silksnarl, a saluki mix with a bite as sharp as her words. Roanpaw idolized her and yearned to be just like her. He followed her every directive and mimicked her every movement. Although she never admitted it, Silksnarl was just as attached to her apprentice as he was to her. She taught him everything she knew with a preserving attitude.


It wasn’t long before Roanpaw grew into a strong, healthy young adult. He received his warrior name, Roanstorm in honor of his bravery and fierce kindness in the face of hardships. He spent a few years helping his clan at every opportunity and his actions caught the attention of the leader, Oakstar. The kind leader gave Roanstorm his first apprentice, Snagglepaw. Snagglepaw was a bulldog mix with an unusually large underbite. At first, Roanstorm was embarrassed to be seen with his apprentice who was mocked by the other apprentices and warriors. But quickly, the young male became attached to his stocky apprentice, and he learned that Snagglepaw had a knack for tactics and the apprentice had a sharp mind. Snagglepaw was a quick learner, and Roanstorm was an eager teacher. The two bonded and Snagglepaw earned his name Snaggletooth.


The beta at the time was a very old dog whose glory days had passed quite a while ago, and Oakstar knew it was time to look towards the future of his clan. When the beta announced his retirement, Oakstar named Roanstorm as his new beta. Shock was clear on the young warrior’s face, but he held his head high and accepted the position with honor. Some of the clan scoffed at the young age of Roanstorm, but most respected his kindness and energy and he was admired among the younger dogs in the clan.


A few more years passed and Oakstar lost his last life to a particularly nasty disease which attacked his stomach. Oakstar spent his last days in the back of his den with only Roanstorm for company. He died in a fit, and Roanstorm was heartbroken. The young male was nervous, and unsure of his ability to lead the clan he had known all his life. When he voiced his doubts, his old mentor Silksnarl gave him courage, and Roanstorm traveled to the Moonwheel to receive his five lives.


As he stepped onto the boards of the ship his ancestors rode, a tingling sensation traveled up his paws. The fur on the back of his neck stood tall as his nose touched the water-soaked wheel. Instantly, he blacked out and his legs crumpled under him. He woke in a field of stars with the sight of his sleeping clan under his feet. Fear clamped his heart, but he took a step, then another. He started to smell the scents of other dogs and these gave him comfort. He walked for what felt like miles until he came upon a small pup no bigger than his muzzle.


“Hello brother.” The small figure walked towards Roanstorm and gave a happy yip. “My name is Lostpup and with this life I give you kindness. May you always use it to see the good in others.” Roanstorm bent down and his brother he never knew in life gave his forehead a touch with his cold nose. The power of the life sent pain through his paws, but it was also pleasant in a way he had never known before. It was as though all the goodness in others was just waiting to be discovered if only given the chance. Roanstorm thanked his brother and kept walking the starry path over his clan.


The next dog he saw was a welcome face. The recently passed leader, Oakstar came forth out of the darkness and gave his friend a gentle nudge. “With this life, I give you peace. Use it well and share it among all dogs. When in doubt, know that peace is waiting for you.” Oakstar’s life was gentle and calming. Roanstorm felt strong when he left the former leader.


The next dog to arise out of the darkness was unknown to him. The powerful muscles bunched under his fur as he approached the tom. “My name is Thunderstar.” The dog radiated power, and Roanstorm couldn’t help but shiver in his presence. His paws buckled slightly and his legs shook as the old leader spoke. “With this life I give you justice. Others may try to lead you down the wrong path, but let justice always guide your paws.” Thunderstar’s life was by far the worst pain yet. Judgement and its many consequences weighed down like a thousand boulders on Roanstorm’s back. He understood that every choice he made, every decision he chose, affected those in his clan and even others as well. He watched the first leader of his clan disappear into the darkness through pained, squinted eyes.


He was still recovering from Thunderstar’s life when he saw his father come out of the shadows. Eaglewatcher had recently passed from old age, and seeing his father's face made the pain more bearable. “Father...” Roanstorm started, but was interrupted by the tall tom. “With this life I give you wisdom, son. Use it. Starclan knows you could use it.” Roanstorm gritted his teeth as his father bestowed the life. It was sharp and burning and the searing pain seeped into his fur.


Unsure of his ability to handle any more pain, Roanstorm grimaced as the last dog padded slowly towards him. Her star-soaked pelt shone in the dimness. Even though he had never seen her face, Roanstorm knew who she was. Her blood poured through his veins. “Roanstorm.” Her voice was everything he had dreamed of and more. “With this life I give you loyalty. Not just loyalty to your clan, but loyalty to every dog who ever crosses your path. We are all one, and you must show them when they forget that.” Roanstorm held back a sob as his mother pressed her soft nose to his forehead. He looked up into her dancing green eyes and tried to memorize the freckles on her face before she disappeared into the darkness.


Around him he heard the whispers of his name. “Roanstar, Roanstar, Roanstar.”


When he returned to his camp, exhausted and heavy with deep thought, he rose to the top of the cliff and gave a long howl. The dogs gathered at the base of the cliff and Roanstar made one announcement. “My beta will be Orcajaw.” The clan congratulated the black and white dog, though no one was surprised at Roanstar’s choice. So began the reign of Roanstar.





:bulletred: Love Like Family
:bulletred: :bulletred:  Love Like a Mate

:bulletred: :bulletred:  :bulletred: Would die for

:bulletblue: Budding friendship
:bulletblue: :bulletblue:  Pals/Buddies

:bulletblue: :bulletblue:  :bulletblue: Best Friends

:bulletpurple: Admires
:bulletpurple:  :bulletpurple: Respects

:bulletpurple:  :bulletpurple:  :bulletpurple: Idolizes

:bulletorange: Mentored

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: Mentored by

:bulletblack: Dislike/Annoyed by
:bulletblack:  :bulletblack: Great distaste

:bulletblack: :bulletblack:  :bulletblack:  Hate/Despises

:bulletwhite: Indifferent
:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:  Met a Couple times/Neutral

:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite:  :bulletwhite:  Still developing thoughts

:bulletyellow: Misses
:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: Wants to see them again

:bulletyellow:  :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow:  Wishes they could be close

:bulletpink: Interseted
:bulletpink: :bulletpink:  Crush

:bulletpink: :bulletpink:  :bulletpink:  Lust

:skull: Dead

:rose: Mate



1. Eaglewatcher

:skull: / :bulletred: / :bulletpurple:  :bulletpurple: / :bulletyellow:


2. Monarchwing

:skull: / :bulletred: /:bulletpurple: / :bulletyellow:


3. Junipernose

:bulletred: / :bulletblue: :bulletblue:  / :bulletpurple:  :bulletpurple:


4. Silksnarl

:skull: / :bulletpurple:  :bulletpurple:  :bulletpurple: / :bulletorange: :bulletorange: / :bulletyellow:


5. Snaggletooth

:bulletblue: :bulletblue:  / :bulletorange:


6. Orcajaw

:bulletblue: :bulletblue:  :bulletblue: / :bulletpurple:  :bulletpurple:











"That dreamers often lie."

TDW - Windclan Application by Nashi-Hime
TDW - Windclan Application
Application for TheDriftwoodWarriors       

Stock by greenleaf-stock

Application design by gh0stlii
TDW - Riverclan Application by Nashi-Hime
TDW - Riverclan Application
Application for TheDriftwoodWarriors       

Application design by gh0stlii


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States


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~Point Commissions~

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Traditional Drawing - 10 pts (Add colour for 5 points)

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"Work of Art" drawing (detailed + shading+ a lot of effort and time) - 30-100 pts depending on difficulty. Don't be afraid to ask!

-What I will draw/attempt-
~ Any animal
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~ some Humans
~ Romantic/soft scenes
~ basically anything. Don't be afraid to ask

-What I won't draw-
~ Hardcore anything. Including porn/extreme violence/kicking kittens. ect
~ Mecha or weapons. I suck at them
~ Anything for rude people. I don't like rude people. Period. :)

Simply note me with what you want. I need a detailed comment or a reference. I will not start the drawing until I have been paid half of the payment. Thanks for the support!

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