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Personality MEME by Nashi-Hime
Personality MEME
TBT Personality meme for my babies.

Orange = Otterfoot
Icey blue = Basilfrost
Teal = Toby
Green = Gracepaw
Happy (belated) Birthday by Nashi-Hime
Happy (belated) Birthday
So I am horrible sister. D:

I started this a week before your birthday, Imouto, but I hated everything about it; I restarted it like ten times. So here is what I finally settled with. I hope you still like me. D':

Amy belongs to boxes-of-foxxes
The Lost Lily by Nashi-Hime
The Lost Lily
This story is set right before the clans left the original territory.

A heavy sigh filled the tabby chest of the Riverclan warrior, Otterfoot. She looked around at the scattered remains of her clan where they mingled mainly among themselves, edging against the crowded area with the other clans. The water-loving clan had been caught up in the floods that were too strong for even them to tame. Otterfoot could still feel the tug and pull of the waves that had almost killed her clan earlier that night. Even though she was not the most clever cat, Otterfoot knew these floods were nothing like the clans had dealt with before, and she knew they would force the clans to make a drastic choice. She was right, and she found out the leaders decided to move all of the clans into the unknown.

The dark brown she-cat walked away from the crowd where the voices of excitement and worry hurt her ears. She felt a coldness seep into her chest as she walked further and further away from the crowd. As she walked away, the noise lessened, and what now passed as calmness filled her lonely heart. She walked to the edge of the Skyclan ridge. The water levels were so high now, that the once mountainous ridge of Skyclan saw the edge of the dark swirls of liquid. Otterfoot sat for a while, watching the dark ripples flow past and rise with the passing sun. The sun came and went, and Otterfoot did not move from the edge. It was like watching her life pass through the water. First, she saw her sister, a young, happy, kind child. A youth dead before she had a chance to live. Coralpaw didn't deserve to die, and Otterfoot felt guilt prick her paws. A chain of deep aching ran through her blood when she thought about what she was leaving behind. The soft violet eyes of her mate burned so hot in her mind that Otterfoot felt like jumping into the water just to escape them. The dark she-cat blinked hard, wetness seeping at the edges, threatening to fall into the water below. "It's not fair!" She yelled into the empty, swirling water. She missed Angelfeather with every bone in her body, every whisker on her face, every speck of hair on her pelt. "It's not fair..." She trembled with emotion and sadness. "I should have stopped him..." It should have been me dead...not her...not her....

 The sun, not hearing Otterfoot's outburst, continued on its path through the sky. The sun set over the water, and by moonlight, something drifted down the twisting river. By luck, Otterfoot opened her eyes as the drifting flower came closer. Could it be... A lone pink lily was being pushed and pulled by the current towards the edge of the ridge. Rising on her paws, Otterfoot felt a tingle of emotions, and she padded to the edge. She risked her paw over the edge and hooked a claw in the water-soaked petals. Slipping slightly on the wet dirt, she bit her lip and dug her claws into the bank and pulled her paw with the flower attached to it onto the ground. She sat the soft pastel flower on the dirt and blew on it gently to get the excess water off. Her orange pumpkin eyes looked into the past and her nose filled with the scent of the lily, even through the water. A choking sob came out of her body and before she realized what was happening, she wrapped the pink flower in her paws and shook with her memories.

Art, Otterfoot, and Story belong to me.
Angelfeather belongs to eto-nyan


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Nashi-Hime has started a donation pool!
1,740 / 5,000
~Point Commissions~

Icon - 5 pts

Lineart/Simple Base -3 pts

Traditional Drawing - 10 pts (Add colour for 5 points)

Simple Digital Drawing (no shading/up to two characters) - 10 pts (+5 for every character above 2 / +5 for background)

Detailed drawing (shading + simple background/ up to two characters) - 15 pts (+5 for every extra character)

"Work of Art" drawing (detailed + shading+ a lot of effort and time) - 30-100 pts depending on difficulty. Don't be afraid to ask!

-What I will draw/attempt-
~ Any animal
~ Any Furry
~ some Humans
~ Romantic/soft scenes
~ basically anything. Don't be afraid to ask

-What I won't draw-
~ Hardcore anything. Including porn/extreme violence/kicking kittens. ect
~ Mecha or weapons. I suck at them
~ Anything for rude people. I don't like rude people. Period. :)

Simply note me with what you want. I need a detailed comment or a reference. I will not start the drawing until I have been paid half of the payment. Thanks for the support!

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