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From This Day Forward by Nashi-Hime
From This Day Forward
Until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Granitepaw.

Granitepaw and art belong to me.
Cricketstar belongs to mod2amaryllis
Loonfang belongs to Sinful-Souls
A New Development by Nashi-Hime
A New Development
It seems as though Peter has lost his collar.
What will happen next?!

Find out later~

Lazy background is lazy.

Peter belongs to me.
Trouble? Nah. by Nashi-Hime
Trouble? Nah.
Peter being a cutie~

Peter belongs to me.
For TBT.
My Gift is My Song by Nashi-Hime
My Gift is My Song
"And this one's for you."

Peter belongs to me.
Stock background belongs to Tigers-stock
Granitepaw Application - TBT by Nashi-Hime
Granitepaw Application - TBT
New App Updates - 1


Peter Schönheit Hovedstaden  


Peter Schönheit Hovedstaden = A name given to him by his two-legs in honor of his mother and his father.

Granite - After his grey pelt and a slight honor of his father's old warrior name (Slate)
Paw - a surname given to apprentices

Charmer, Fluffer
~Open for others~

  6 Moons




Previous Mentor: Slatewhisker/ Toby (Unofficial)



Book Description
A large grey tom with long fur and blue eyes.

Detailed Description
Granitepaw is a large purebred Maine Coon tom with dark grey fur and a darker grey stripe that travels from his forehead all the way down his back to the tip of his tail. His tail has rings of dark grey and two dark grey stripes extend from both of his shoulders on each side. His paws are white and have stripes coming up his forearm. There is a unique striped pattern on his face near his eyes. His ears are tufted. His eyes are a crystal-like blue with bright hues exuding from the iris.

He is a purebred Maine Coon.

Granitepaw smells like a kittypet; he smells like the old lady perfume of his owner and the fabric cleaner they use on their furniture. That smell is starting to fade, but it is still on his pelt.

He talks with a slight accent like his mother. He replaces th with d = that with dat, the with de, Mother with Modder


Speed: 4/10
Granitepaw is not fast.

Strength: 8/10
The Maine Coon breed is known for being larger than other breeds, and also for having more muscle mass. Granitepaw, despite his young age, is a powerhouse of raw strength.

Attack: 4/10
Being untrained in the art of fighting, Granitepaw does not have a good attack style. It's like his mother's "swing and hope you hit something" tactic. However, if he hit, there would be pain.

Tactics: 3/10
Tactics are not Granitepaw's strong point, and probably comes from his lack of formal training.

Endurance: 8/10
Energy abounds in the young cat's body and gives him the endurance afforded to the youth.

Religiosity: 2/10
Even though, Granitepaw was raised a kittypet, he feels a strange connection to the cats in the clans. From the stories his adopted father has told him, he has learned all about their ancestors in Silverpelt, and Granitepaw wants to believe that they are real.


:bulletgreen: Charmer :bulletgreen:
"Why you must be a cat after my own heart! The world stopped turning when I saw your pretty face."
This trait emerged from time spent with his adopted father, Toby. Granitepaw has the habit of complimenting, encouraging affection, and flirting with cats he comes across. Sometimes he does it without even realizing he is doing it. He has a polite way of speaking that comes across as flirting even when he is not trying to. Overall, his demeanor encourages others to like him, and he will likely be popular with his friends due to him easily doling out compliments. He can be doting to an absurd degree, and this would especially appear in a romantic relationship.

:bulletred: Naive :bulletred:
"Papa, did you know you loved Mudder at first sight? It was like destiny, right!"
Without much knowledge of the real world, Granitepaw can come across as naive and childish. He sees things through rose-coloured glasses at times and does not often realize the full gravity of a situation. He often does not understand things as they are, but sees things in the best light. He has a naive understanding of love and believes it should be love at first sight. He would not know how to handle difficulties in relationships well. This could lead to other cats getting frustrated with him.

:bulletwhite: Blunt :bulletwhite:
"Why do you have dat scar on your nose. Did you fall?"
Granitepaw does not have a good filter. If he thinks of something,  especially a question, he will often voice it without giving time to think about the consequences of his question. He also asks in the most simple way, which usually lacks tact. He can easily offend cats with thin skin by asking questions they do not want to answer. Even cats who are open may find the way he talks to be a bit too on point at times. However, he does not ask questions or make comments to be mean. Actually, he just wants to know the truth of the world and finds direct questions to be the easiest way to get what he wants.

:bulletred: Short-tempered :bulletred:
"What did you say to me? I am not jus a kittypet! I will claw your ears off for dat!"
Granitepaw has a lived a very spoiled life as a kittypet in his mother's home with his very doting and laid-back adopting father. Therefore, he has never truly learned how to handle his negative emotions in a positive way. When something does not go his way, he tends to get pouty, aggressive, and sometimes violent. When someone says something to him that offends him, he quickly retorts something hurtful back, without thinking of the consequences of his words. If he calms down enough, he will feel guilty for hurting them though, but his pride will not let him admit that. He wants respect, but does not know yet how to get it, so instead expresses a bit of a short fuse when things start to sour.

:bulletgreen: Kind :bulletgreen:
"I'll be your friend. You don't have to eat alone today."
Granitepaw is a friendly, sweet, kind-hearted cat who truly likes to make friends and keep them. Even though he can have troubles keeping some friends, he doesn't always understand why. He can be tender-hearted and therefore can be hurt when others say mean things to him. Though, instead of showing his hurt feelings, he will often show his flared temper. He tends to watch out for cats younger than him.

:bulletwhite: Optimistic :bulletwhite:
"Don't worry Mothder. I'm sure Papa will be jus fine. De cutter will not hurt him, right?"
There is both a youthful, and enduring personality trait of optimism in Granitepaw. He sees the glass as half-full and wonders often how things will be in the future. There is always a pot of gold at the end of his dream rainbow, and he sees the best outcome in ever situation. This is neutral because although it makes him happy to be optimistic, it can also be dangerous. Sometimes he does not realistically see situations, but instead sees what he wants to see. Tragic events will not go over well in this youth.



Where Love Rests, There is Home
(This excerpt is taken from :teachmetolearn: because I don't think I can say it better. <3 )
Schone was born in a nice house in Munich, when she was six months old she was whisked away to England where she lived an a nice estate next to a large forest. She grew up, beautiful, ended to enter a few shows, she did have the heritage to back up any ribbon, then to be bred for her very valuable kittens. That plan was interrupted when she did extraordinarily well, earning ribbon after ribbon, and her motherly life was put on hold. Toby similarly, as a humble house cat, he grew up pampered, but decided to change that by leaving his home and joining one of the forests clans he had lived beside his entire life, Thunder clan. Now named Slatewhisker, he grew up fast, much faster then he would have as a house cat. He learned to hunt and fight like a warrior. Life couldn't have been better for the two, and it was then, during a summer shower that they both met. Schone had been sitting on her fence basking in the rain when a lonely silver tabby warrior. He found her beautiful and homely, she found him handsome and charming. It was a match made in star clan. They met often, once even meeting in the forest only to have to leave soon after when a battle broke out between his clan and another. After several months of meeting they decided to become mates.

Not soon after, Schone was taken away without warning, stuffed in a crate to travel the greater part of Europe. One show after another, more ribbons adorned her crate. It was hard to enjoy herself when Slatewhisker wasn't there to enjoy it with her. She worried her sudden absence would cause the tom to hate her, or worse forget, but he didn't. The tom faced his own problems while she was away. He contracted the scale plague. Alone in his nest, he thought many of the same things as his mate. HE was gone and she must be hating him for going away.

Four months pasted and Schone was returned home with more ribbons then before. She waited by her fence for the tom, but he never showed. The worst thoughts pasted through her head, he must have died, or moved on, he must have had a nice family in his clan, one that wouldn't leave without warning. She waited, day in and day out for Slatewhisker to return to her, and one morning, she found him, sitting at the bottom of her fence like he always was, like neither of them had left, and this time, he was here to stay. Slatewhisker joined his mate in her home, taking back his childhood name of Toby.

Fortunately, their story didn't end there. One morning, Schone was taken to the vet, nothing out of the ordinary, the human just gave her a bit of a check up and sent her on her way. A few days pasted and again, she was put in a crate, but this time, she was flown all the way to Denmark. It wasn't until she met the tom that she learned what was going on. She was being bred. It had been something she had been prepared for for a long time, she was a show cat after all, having kittens with a tom did not make them mates, but she found the situation very awkward while her love was at home. She returned an expected mother and had to find a way to tell Toby what had happened. Later that night, she couldn't sleep, too worried about her coming role as a mother to close her eyes. It was then her mate found her and it all came gushing out. Schone had worried that Toby would have been upset with her, these weren't his kits after all, but the tom was more then happy and agreed to raise the kittens as their own.

A Small Bundle of Joy
The first kitten born of the union was a grey and white tom with a burly, compact body. He was a strong kit and showed his heritage in his pudgy body. As he grew, his eyes showed the same blue as his mothers, but with a softer hue. He tended to stick close to his adopted father, Toby. He did not socialize with his siblings as much as his father and two-legs. He started to develop some traits reminiscent of Toby and he tried to imitate the older grey tom. With the exception of Peter's temper, he seemed to be a mini-Toby.

That was until he stepped paw into the garden. A longing started growing in the tom's heart, and he shared it with no one. When his two-legs moved everything in the house, Peter was scared of what would happen. Along with his siblings, he was packed and moved into the new territories with his owners. When his sister Anastasia left the house, Peter longed to go with her. His soul ached for the adventure that he knew was out there, just beyond the fence. He told his father in confidence one day, and was not surprised by the laid-back advice his adopted father gave him. "Follow your heart son. I followed mine and I found love."

Is There a New Wind Blowing?

Current Updates



Mother: Schone, Schonheit Munich
Father: NPC
Adopted Father: Toby
Sisters: Adalaide, Elizabeth, Coalpaw/ Anastasia
Brothers: Eric
Other Family:
-Maternal Grandmother:
Elisabeta, Schönheit Berlin
-Maternal Grandfather:
Vladimir the Handsome 
-Paternal Grandmother:
-Paternal Grandfather: Unknown Warrior

:bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletblack: :bulletblack: Enemy
:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: Hate/Loathe
:bulletwhite: Unsure / Still developing thoughts
:bulletblue: Neutral / Acquaintances
:bulletgreen: Friend
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Good Friend
:bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen: Best Friend
:bulletpink: Interested
:bulletpink: :bulletpink: Takes a Liking to / Crush
:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: Lust
:bulletorange: Missing / On the Mind
:bulletorange: :bulletorange: Attachment
:bulletred: Love
:bulletred: :bulletred: Family
:bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: Mate
:bulletpurple: Respect
:skull: Deceased








:bulletblack: He is the biggest of the five kittens.




RP Sample
From an RP with Otterfoot and Angel

The prophets had finally returned. The whispers and excited conversations all said the same thing. There was a cure.

But Otterfoot was displeased. "They are too late." She muttered, mainly to herself, "Coralpaw is already dead... You can't cure the dead..." The sturdy she-cat left Riverclan camp in a slump, torn between the good news and her own bitter interpretation. Without anywhere to go, she let her paws lead her where they wanted. They took the warrior towards the edge of the river that ran through her territory. She dipped one of her paws in, enjoying the rush of cool liquid over her tough paws.

Towards the north, a sound began, alerting Otterfoot to another presence. Her ears swiveled first, then her head turned to see what was causing the noise. Her eyes rounded slightly and she dropped close to the ground as she saw another cat on the riverbank. Who... what the fox-dung?" She cursed to herself as she saw the stranger enter the rapidly flowing river.

She heard the desperate mewing begin shortly after the stranger went in and Otterfoot shook her head in disbelief. Kestrelpaw, Foxtrot, now this cat? Otterfoot was beginning to wonder why so many cats thought swimming was a fun, easy pastime for any cat to try. The strong current was taking the other cat down the river without mercy, so Otterfoot knew there wasn't much time to think about this.

The Riverclan warrior, with her sleek tabby fur, slid into the water like a snake. She lifted her chin and used her tail like a rudder. Her and her clanmates had been swimming practically since birth so sometimes she swam more like her namesake than a cat. She swam closer to the stranger and reached over to grab the scruff of her neck with her mouth. The weight of the stranger caused both cats to dip under the current.

Any cat mentioned belongs to their rightful owners.
Granitepaw and Toby belong to me along with the drawing.
For TBT.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States


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